At-a-Glance Resource List

Here is a compilation of campus fire safety resources that might be useful in engaging students in fire safety

Off-Campus Checklist

checklist thumbnail 04.05.16Campus Firewatch has prepared a short checklist that students and parents can use in evaluating an off-campus house or apartment. Is it a full, comprehensive checklist? No…but it focuses on some of the critical issues that can make a difference, such as working smoke alarms, two ways out and ignition sources. There’s a lot more to know, but this covers some of the basics that you should be considering whenever renting a place. Especially since 94% of the fatal fires happen off-campus, according to the U.S Fire Administration and ALL of them have been off-campus since 2005.

Current Information Sheet

This is an “at a glance” compilation of fatal campus-related fire deaths that Campus Firewatch has identified since 2000.

Did YOU Know?

A series of short videos with students asking important fire safety information.

The Alarming Truth

This short film tells the story of the impact of a fatal off-campus fire. Written, filmed and produced by students, it is available for free download.

9 Fires

This short documentary is about the impact of a series of nine fires that happened in three weeks across the country at the beginning of the spring 2012 semester and is available for free download.

Campus-related fire deaths (spreadsheet)

This is a spreadsheet formatted listing of fatal campus-related fire deaths.  This is the most complete listing of these incidents available.

Campus-related fire deaths (map)

This is a map of every fatal incident identified by Campus Firewatch going back to 2000.  If you would like to embed this map on your web site, use this embed code.

View Fatal Campus-Related Fires in a larger map
<iframe width=”425″ height=”350″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ src=”;msid=217749829630107478914.0004379baf95fb5098106&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=45.462745,-110.458689&amp;spn=31.457506,78.729572&amp;t=m&amp;output=embed”></iframe><br /><small>View <a href=”;msid=217749829630107478914.0004379baf95fb5098106&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=45.462745,-110.458689&amp;spn=31.457506,78.729572&amp;t=m&amp;source=embed” style=”color:#0000FF;text-align:left”>Fatal Campus-Related Fires</a> in a larger map</small>

Campus Fatal Firelog (compilation)

This is a more complete compilation of the campus-related fire deaths since 2000 with details on each incident gathered by Campus Firewatch.

RA Fire Safety Guide, Videos and Posters

The Minger Foundation and Campus Firewatch created an RA Guide to Teaching Fire Safetyseries of posters, and videos that you can use in helping to teach fire safety to the students on your floors.

Videos of student room mockup burns

More schools across the nation are using the mockup burns as effective learning tools.  Watch this series of videos from various schools to see these powerful education tools in action.

Peter’s Story

A very powerful video about the life and death of Peter Talen who died in an off-campus fire at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Live mockup burn plans

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has put together a packet of instructions on how to build side-by-side mockups of student rooms where you can do demonstration burns.

Fire Safety for Students with Disabilities

The Minger Foundation and Campus Firewatch developed a Guide to Teaching Fire Safety to Students with Disabilities and a series of videos to help in teaching fire safety to students with disabilities.


There are several organizations that have also focused their efforts on reducing the loss of life and injury on our nation’s campuses.

 United States Fire Administration

Each year college and university students, on- and off-campus, experience hundreds of fire-related emergencies nationwide. There are several specific causes for fires on college campuses, including cooking, intentionally set fires, and open flame. Overall, most college-related fires are due to a general lack of knowledge about fire safety and prevention.

 National Fire Protection Association

The NFPA has a page focusing on campus fire safety with tips sheets, links to articles and other information available.

Michael H. Minger Foundation

The Minger Foundation was founded after the death of Michael Minger in a residence hall fire at Murray State University.  It has focused on developing educational material and resources for all students, including those with disabilities.