Campus Fire Safety Videos

Campus Firewatch Youtube Channel

YouTube-logo-full_colorStop by the Campus Firewatch YouTube channel for a complete collection of campus fire safety related videos from Campus Firewatch and other organizations.

Did YOU Know?

These are a series of very short videos, about 90 seconds, featuring students talking about important fire safety messages such as exits, smoke alarms, cooking and much more. You can download them or embed them on your websites or link to them in your social media messages. This was a project between the Minger Foundation and Campus Firewatch. Here’s one of them…

The Alarming Truth

A great video about the dangers of off-campus fires, written, filmed and featuring students from Rowan University that is available for free download or online streaming. This was a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant project awarded to the Clery Center and done in partnership with Campus Firewatch, the Minger Foundation, Philadelphia Fire Department, Rowan University and the University of Pennsylvania.


9 Fires

A series of nine college/university-related fires happened within a very short period of time, and we went out there and documented the impact of these fires. The full video, or chapters about residence hall, laboratory and off-campus fires, are available from the Minger Foundation. This was a project in partnership between the Minger Foundation and Campus Firewatch.

Visit the Minger Foundation’s website to stream or download the videos


Disability Fire Safety Videos

Campus Firewatch worked with the Minger Foundation on developing a series of campus fire safety videos for students with disabilities.  You can see these videos on the Minger Foundation web site.

RA Fire Safety Videos

Working with the Minger Foundation, Campus Firewatch has developed a series of videos for RAs to use when they are doing fire safety training on their floors.  These are used in conjunction with free posters that you can download that have QR codes that take the students to these videos.

After the Fire

Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons were freshman roommates at Seton Hall University when their lives were forever changed on January 19, 2000. They travel the country, telling their story, to raise awareness about the importance of fire safety. Visit their website to learn more.

Behind closed dorm room doors

Through YouTube, it is possible to see some of the fire activities going on in residence halls.  Watch this series of videos shot by students, and posted on YouTube.

Losing someone you love

Barrett Cohen talks about losing his brother, AJ in an off-campus fire.

Peter’s Story

Peter Talen died in an off-campus fire in Madison, Wisconsin.  He was attending the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse where he was active in theater and the University produced this powerful video about his life, his death, and the lessons to be learned.

Dominic’s Story

Dominic Passantino was killed in a fraternity fire at the Univerity of Missouri-Columbia. This video tells the story of this fire and how you can help to prevent such a tragedy.

Graduation-Fatally Denied

This is a video that Campus Firewatch produced in 2001 looking at the dangers of college/university fires through the eye of the victim, from fire to her death.