CFW Videos

Disability Fire Safety Videos

Campus Firewatch worked with the Minger Foundation on developing a series of campus fire safety videos for students with disabilities.  You can see these videos on the Minger Foundation web site.

RA Fire Safety Videos

Working with the Minger Foundation, Campus Firewatch has developed a series of videos for RAs to use when they are doing fire safety training on their floors.  These are used in conjunction with free posters that you can download that have QR codes that take the students to these videos.

Behind closed dorm room doors

Through YouTube, it is possible to see some of the fire activities going on in residence halls.  Watch this series of videos shot by students, and posted on YouTube.

Losing someone you love

Barret Cohen talks about losing his brother, AJ in an off-campus fire.

Peter’s Story

Peter Talen died in an off-campus fire in Madison, Wisconsin.  He was attending the University of Wisconson LaCrosse where he was active in theater and the University produced this powerful video about his life, his death, and the lessons to be learned.

Mock Dorm Room Burns

Graduation-Fatally Denied

This is a video that Campus Firewatch produced in 2001.

Campus fire news stories

A series of campus fire-related news stories that have been posted on YouTube

Campus Fire Safety

Videos posted by schools across the country focusing on campus fire safety