Capitol Hill Day 2014

It is time to start thinking about the eighth-annual Campus Fire Safety Capitol Hill Day 2014, April 14 and 15-Register Here (it’s free!).  We focus on campus-related legislation moving through congress and ask each office to consider becoming co-sponsor of the legislation-that is what gets these bills moving through Congress, co-sponsors.

This program has been a resounding success, we meet with more Congressional offices each year (last year we visited almost 70 offices in one day) and it is a great educational experience for the students. Anyone can take part…students, parents, advocates, fire officials.

This is free, anyone can attend, but you are responsible for your own travel, lodging and meals.  You will have to plan on attending the afternoon training session on Monday, April 14, since that is when we go over the program for the next day and you meet your team members. We split the group up into teams of 3 and each one has an experience Team Leader assigned to it. Then a full day on Tuesday, April 15 on Capitol Hill.

We provide handouts and talking points to use when making your visits and we take care of all of the scheduling and logistics.

Lodging, we are using the Phoenix Park Hotel and they are providing us with a preferred rate. You can reserve your room online (suggest you do it sooner rather than later). You don’t have to sty there, but that is where we will be doing the training on Monday and the reception on Tuesday afternoon.


  • Monday, April 14
    • AM Tour of the Capitol (optional)
    • 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Educational session, briefing and team assignments (required)
  • Tuesday, April 15
    • Breakfast on Capitol Hill (sponsored)
    • Group picture on the Capitol Steps
    • Split up into teams and do the Congressional visits
    • Reception (sponsored)

So, what next?

If you want to register (and there is no commitment) click here.

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