Current fire information

Campus Firewatch has been compiling information on campus-related fires since 2000, resulting in the most complete view of incidents that impact campuses and their communities.  This information is presented in a variety of different formats.

Campus Firewatch Information Sheet (PDF)

A constantly-updated document with a concise “at a glance” summary of campus fire safety information, fatal fires and legislation.

Fatal Campus Fires (spreadsheet)

A detailed listing of the fatal fires identified by Campus Firewatch in a spreadsheet format.

Campus Fatal Firelog (PDF)

The only continually-updated summary of all fatal college/university-related fires identified by  Campus Firewatch from January 2000 to the present.

Update Pending

This document contains a compilation, in chronological order, of all campus-related  incidents identify by Campus Firewatch since January 2000, both fatal and non-fatal.  These were found through media sources and, unless otherwise indicated, were not necessarily independently verified. (Over 1,300 incidents)

 Map of campus-related fatal fires, 2000 to present

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Yellow = Summer | Orange = Fall | Blue = Winter | Green = Spring

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