Campus Fire Safety Month Proclamations

Each year, states across the nation issue proclamations for Campus Fire Safety Month.  You can see what states are issuing them.


Federal Legislation

The following bills have been introduced in Congress relating to campus fire safety.  The status of these bills is tracked in each issue of Campus Firewatch or online at Thomas.

You can help move this legislation forward by contacting your Senator and Representative and asking them to become co-sponsors of these bills. This is absolutely critical in getting these bills out of committee…please help!  You can search for contact information for your legislators to get in touch with them and advocate for campus fire safety ordinances and legislation.


NEW: Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act S 1163 (www.congress.gov)

 A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to include automated fire sprinkler system retrofits as section 179 property and classify certain automated fire sprinkler system retrofits as 15 year property for purposes of depreciation.  (Download the Campus Fire Safety Capitol Hill Day Legislation Backgrounder)

Stephanie Tubbs Jones College Fire Prevention Act House HR 1437 (www.thomas.gov)

Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones College Fire Prevention Act – Directs the Secretary of Education to make competitive demonstration grants to institutions of higher education (IHEs), fraternities, and sororities for up to half the cost of installing approved fire suppression systems in student housing and dormitories owned or controlled by such entities.

Gives grant priority to applicants that demonstrate the greatest financial need.

Reserves the following portions of grant funds made available for each fiscal year: (1) at least 10% for historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, tribally controlled colleges and universities, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-serving institutions, and IHEs that are eligible for Institutional Aid under the Higher Education Act of 1965; and (2) at least 10% for social fraternities and sororities.

Provides that any application for assistance under this Act, any negative determination on the part of the Secretary with respect to such application, or any statement of reasons for the determination, shall not be admissible as evidence in any proceeding of any court, agency, board, or other entity (except a proceeding to enforce an agreement entered into between the Secretary and a grantee under this Act).

Campus Fire Safety Education Act House S750 and HR 1609 (www.thomas.gov)

Campus Fire Safety Education Act of 2013- Directs the Secretary of Education to establish a program to award grants, on a competitive basis, to institutions of higher education or consortiums of such institutions for: (1) initiating, expanding, or improving fire safety education programs; and (2) increasing fire safety awareness among enrolled students.

Directs the Secretary to give priority to institutions that plan to use funds to initiate, expand, or improve fire safety educationprograms that include educational material specifically prepared for students with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities. Sets forth provisions regarding grant periods, limits on awards, and matching and other requirements.

Requires an institution to use grant funds to initiate, expand, or improve a fire safety education program that: (1) reaches all enrolled students; (2) ensures maximum exposure to and increased awareness of, and that effectuates change in behavior regarding, fire safety by students through conducting outreach to students a minimum of twice per academic year and through measures that provide fire safety information to any student upon request; (3) includes minimum instruction regarding firebehavior, fire injury and death, ignition scenarios, fire safety systems and equipment, the importance of means of egress, fireprevention techniques, and actions to be taken if a fire occurs to minimize the potential for death, injury, and property damage; and (4) includes a mechanism for carrying out evaluations of program effectiveness.

Requires the Secretary to publish a report of best practices for initiating, expanding, or improving fire safety education programs.