Campus Fire Safety Tip-a-Day

Every day, during September, we sent out a Tip-a-Day by Twitter  @campusfirewatch.  You can follow us on Twitter using @campusfirewatch or the hashtag #firetipaday and then retweet these to your students! Many of the tweets will include links to videos and other resources.

If you are looking to automate  your Tweets, I use a service called Hootsuite. There are others out there, and I really haven’t evaluated the different ones, this is just one that I use (and I don’t get anything for recommending them!). I have just found it pretty easy to use and it does what I need. There is a free version, but I use the $10/month upgrade because I’m managing a number of different accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) for several clients, and it brings it all into one dashboard.

Campus Firewatch Tip-a-Day 2016

Week 1

  • Did you know-the most common killer in fires is smoke, spreading far from the fire? #firetipaday
  • Don’t get trapped. Always know 2 ways out, wherever you are. #firetipaday

Week 2

  • Smoke alarms save lives. For price of pizza you can save a life. Maybe yours. #firetipaday
  • Cooking and drinking is as dangerous as driving while drinking. Leading factor is cooking left unattended. #firetipaday
  • Did you know-leading cause of fatal fires is cigarettes? Many fires start in the middle of the night after parties #firetipaday
  • No pizza box on top of stove, will burn if accidentally turned on. And it happens more than you know! #firetipaday

Week 3

  • Smoke alarms can save your life only if they are working. Don’t take out batteries, don’t take them down #firetipaday
  • Don’t overload outlets & extension cords, they can overheat & start a fire. #firetipaday
  • When the alarm sounds, get out.  You never know when it’s real. #firetipaday
  • Did you know-Most fatal fires happen at night? Get up, get out, stay out. #firetipaday
  • Live in housing with fire sprinklers. Sprinklers save lives. #firetipaday

Week 4

  • Use stairs to get out, not elevators. You can get trapped in an elevator and the smoke can kill you #firetipaday
  • Don’t run cords under rugs. They can fray & start a fire. #firetipaday
  • Use a lid to put out a grease fire. Water will spread the fire. #firetipaday
  • Did you know-smoke alarms were missing or not working in most fatal fires. They can’t save your life if they don’t work! #firetipaday
  • How will you get out? Always know 2 ways, your house, dorm, movie theater. #firetipaday

Week 5

  • Did you know-Leading cause of house fires is cooking? Cook your dinner, not the kitchen. #firetipaday
  • Learn how to use a fire extinguisher BEFORE the fire breaks out. #firetipaday
  • Did you know-165 people have died in campus-related fires since 2000. Don’t be on this list #firetipaday
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Never. What was a romantic flame can become an inferno.  #firetipaday
  • Leading cause of fatal fires, smoking. Leading cause of fire deaths is smoke, not fire. Be smart. Graduate Alive! #firetipaday