Education Resources

Fire Safety for Students with Disabilities

The Minger Foundation has prepared a Guide to Teaching Fire Safety to Students with Disabilities (PDF, 885 KB). This Guide is the work product of a team of fire safety and disabilities experts and is designed to help the fire safety educator who is experienced in teaching fire safety but may need some guidance when working with an audience of students with disabilities. Accompanying this guide are a series of videos focusing on four disabilities, hearing, vision, mobility and learning.


RA Fire Safety Posters

The Minger Foundation has created an RA Guide to Teaching Fire Safetyseries of posters, and videos that you can use in helping to teach fire safety to the students on your floors.

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A landmark study of student views towards burn and fire safety.

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Campus Firewatch has published its annual Questions to Ask for parents and students that are looking for both on- and off-campus student housing.

Videos of student room mockup burns

More schools across the nation are using the mockup burns as effective learning tools.  Watch this series of videos from various schools to see these powerful education tools in action.

Live burn mockup plans

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has put together a packet of instructions on how to build side-by-side mockups of student rooms where you can do demonstration burns.